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    Productive Meeting at Tampere Kahvila

    On June 30th, an enriching breakfast meeting took place at Tampere Kahvila where WeCode members gathered to discuss future endeavors. The meeting was a productive session with participants exchanging ideas and reviewing potential activities to be conducted at WeCode. During […] More

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    Artificial Intelligence and Career Paths

    On May 15, 2024, WeCode Platform hosted an IT Talk program featuring a comprehensive presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and career pathways in the AI field. The aim of the program was to guide participants interested in pursuing a career […] More

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    We opened an online education system within the Wecode Platform at the Finpolar cultural center.Our system, which will provide training such as game development, 3D modeling and animation, industrial and architectural visualization and design, software, coding, web design and cartoon […] More

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    WeCode’s Inspiring Retreat in Padasjoki

    From March 1st to 3rd, members of the WeCode group gathered for a two-day retreat in the serene setting of Padasjoki. The retreat was not only a chance to bond and relax – with saunas and delicious meals being an […] More

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    IT Talk: Interactive

    On the evening of Wednesday, February 21, 2024, we orchestrated an IT Talks event with a fresh approach, convening an interactive session where we sought the input of all participants. Our focal point for discussion revolved around the current developments […] More

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    WeCode Platform’s January Meeting:

    The WeCode platform continues to build its legacy of innovation and collaboration with its recent online meeting held in January. As we navigate through the new year, our team is buzzing with excitement and determination, setting the stage for a […] More

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    Wecode Platform November board meeting

    The Wecode Platform’s board of directors gathered in Tampere for their November board meeting. The day began with a delightful traditional Turkish breakfast, graciously hosted by Merve. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Merve for both the delicious meal and […] More

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    Academia vs. The Private Sector

    In this article, I am going to compare working in academia or in the private sector from an academic researcher point of view. To clarify, I cannot claim this comparison is valid for all sectors since my origin is from […] More

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    Mikä oikeastaan robotti on?

    Teknologiaa käytetään kaikilla elämänaloilla ihmisten elämän helpottamiseksi. Tässä yhteydessä, teknologia tarjoaa erilaisia ​​ratkaisuja eri alueilla.  Nykyään robotiikkaa käytetään laajasti ihmisten elämän helpottamiseen ja erilaisten ratkaisujen tuomiseen erilaisiin ongelmiin. Siinä vaiheessa meille on tärkeä kysymys. Mika oikeastaan robotti on? Robotissa pitää […] More

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    IT Talks III – Data Engineering

    The third part of our IT chats was held on the 23rd of July 2020 via the Zoom platform. The subject of this program was data engineering. Our Platform member data engineer Muhammed Sezer made a presentation in the program. […] More

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    Software Engineering Meeting

    Wecode is pleased to announce the second informative meeting for those who want to enter the IT sector and plan a career in this field. Due to the interest shown in our first program and at the request of the […] More

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    Our First Online Informative Meeting Held

    Wecode held the first of our informative meeting for those who want to enter the IT sector and plan a career in this field. Our platform members answered the questions of the participants regarding the IT sector. Information was provided […] More

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    What is Optimization?

    I am an academic researcher and working on optimization. Many of my friends are always asking what my research is about and what I am doing. The term ‘optimization’ is a technical term, and it deserves to be explained in […] More

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