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    Mikä on reset.css?

    Reset.css: n tavoitteena on vähentää selaimen epäjohdonmukaisuuksia esimerkiksi rivien oletuskorkeuksien, marginaalien ja otsikoiden kirjasinkokojen suhteen. Ilmeisesti kuka tahansa, jolla on HTML/CSS -tietämys, voi kirjoittaa reset.css -tiedoston, mutta sitä ei tarvita. Koska siellä on reset.css -tiedostoja, jotka ovat ammattilaisten valmistamia. Henkilö, […] More

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    Content VS Functionality

      If we think about developing a website, we will face these two questions. “What is content?” and “What is functionality?”. By combining these questions, we can also ask ourselves this question: What is the differences between content and functionality? […] More

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    Three “U” of the UX Design

      In the UX-design, one of the main goals is the high usefulness of the system. Because the aim is for people to use the system. For instance, the goal of a website is to have people visit the site […] More

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    Although there is unlimited creativity expected from a designer, it is impossible for a human to be this. Unfortunately, we all have limits such as delivering the work we receive on the deadline or accessing resources or lack of budget. […] More

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    UI and UX

    Whether you like it or not, the user interface has always been compared with user experience and design, and the difference between them has been wondered. If we have to tell in a simple way, we can give the example […] More