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    Firebase and Multiplatform Development

    Hello everyone. In this article, I will explain the Firebase Developer Platform. Firebase is a mobile and web applications development platform. This platform provides a great advantage to the developers, and significantly simplifies the work of the developers. Firebase was […] More

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    Python Course – Online

    We are happy that we started a programming course with python. Basic programming education in the course will be given using Pyhton programming language. Artificial intelligence and machine learning trainings will also be given in the later parts of the […] More

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    IT Talks 8 – Cyber Security

    As Wecodeplatform, we held the 8th of our IT Talks programs online on Wednesday, September 30th. The subject of the program was on cyber security and our speaker was Emin Caliskan from England. Mr. Emin gave detailed information about cyber […] More

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    Data Work Concepts

    Under favour of ‘Hello Data’, I tried to define data as a phenomenon and explain in which context the data is used in the IT field. It was like a drop of a huge sea. I will continue with these […] More

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    Web Development Seminar

    As WeCode Platform, we have completed the fourth of IT Talks. The online program on Web Development was held on August 6 Thursday on the Zoom Platform. In the program, Mustafa Sadoglu shared very useful information that will guide those […] More

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    Fragments in Android Applications

    Hello everyone. If you read my other articles in the wecodeplatform, you know that generally my articles are about android application development. I am trying to give general information about various topics on android application development in most of my […] More

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    Broadcast Receivers on Android Applications

    Hello everyone. We will speak about broadcast receiver in the Android Devices in this article. Broadcast receiver is a messaging system used on Android Devices. But this messaging system is used between the Android Operating System and Android Applications. Android […] More

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    Multiple Language Support in Android Applications

    Hello everyone. We will speak about how to support multiple languages in Android Applications. Android Operating System runs on millions of devices in many regions. In these regions, people speak many languages. If you develop an application in your language, […] More

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    Back to Software Development

    In this article, I will tell the short story of recycling to software development. My goal is to come up with a sample roadmap for those who have returned to software development like me or want to become software developers. […] More

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    Experiencing IT in Learning

    The development of computers and electronic communications has removed barriers of space and time. We can obtain and deliver knowledge anytime anywhere (Horton, 2000). As digital technologies penetrate ever deeper into virtually every aspect of our daily lives, so it […] More

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    Android Services

    Hello, everyone. We’ll talk about android services in this article. Services are one of the basic features in android. When you develop an android application, services play an important role. Thus, you should learn the services as well as you […] More

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    Support Different Screen Sizes in Android

    Hello everyone. We will talk about how to support different screen sizes while we are developing android applications in this article. Android devices come with different screen sizes. If you want to develop a good android application, you need to […] More

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