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    Angular Structure

    Angular is a platform for building single-page applications (SPA) coded in TypeScript, using HTML and TypeScript. When researching Angular, the most common words are Component, Template, and Injector. Components are structures that consist of javascript classes and control HTML files. […] More

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    What is JQuery?

    JQuery is a library coded in the Javascript programming language. Operations that can be done with the Javascript programming language can be coded with JQuery in a much shorter time and with less code. The official website of the jQuery […] More

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    Mikä on reset.css?

    Reset.css: n tavoitteena on vähentää selaimen epäjohdonmukaisuuksia esimerkiksi rivien oletuskorkeuksien, marginaalien ja otsikoiden kirjasinkokojen suhteen. Ilmeisesti kuka tahansa, jolla on HTML/CSS -tietämys, voi kirjoittaa reset.css -tiedoston, mutta sitä ei tarvita. Koska siellä on reset.css -tiedostoja, jotka ovat ammattilaisten valmistamia. Henkilö, […] More

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    IT Talks 8 – Cyber Security

    As Wecodeplatform, we held the 8th of our IT Talks programs online on Wednesday, September 30th. The subject of the program was on cyber security and our speaker was Emin Caliskan from England. Mr. Emin gave detailed information about cyber […] More

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    Web Development Seminar

    As WeCode Platform, we have completed the fourth of IT Talks. The online program on Web Development was held on August 6 Thursday on the Zoom Platform. In the program, Mustafa Sadoglu shared very useful information that will guide those […] More