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WordPress web page setup in 1 minute

Hello! In this article, we will tell beginners how to prepare a web page in 1 minute.
What you need to have:
1- Domain Name (
2- Cpanel hosting
Let’s start:

You need to enter the administration panel of your site. Note that you get your management panel information from your hosting company. This course is explained for Cpanel.
You should write your own domain where I write the

To login
1- Write to the address bar

2- Then you must enter the username and password you received from the host company.


Enter your username and password. Press the Login button.

Go to the automatic setups menu. Select the wordpress.

Click the install now button

1. Choose which address to install.
2. Select folder. Delete wp text. I recommend leaving it blank. so wordpress will be installed on
3. My blog: Write your site name.
4. My WordPress Blog: write your slogan

5. Admin Username: Admin username of your site. You must change it. But it shouldn’t be in your own site name.
6. Admin Password: Your admin password. You must use a secure password. There should be no easy passwords like 12345, qwerty etc.
7. Admin Email: The email address of the administrator. All messages of the site will come to this mail.
8. Select Language: Select the language you want to install.
9. Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): You should choose this. To protect your management panel. When 3 incorrect entries are made, it prevents a certain attempt of entry.
10. Classic Editor: Classic editor for WordPress. I like the old ones ūüôā this option is up to you.

10. Select Theme: Select the theme you want. I chose CorporateZ.
11. Install: Click this button. Your site will now be set up.

12. The address where the installation is made. Your site is now ready.
13. The management panel address of your site.
For wordpress management, you can look at free lessons from youtube and udemy.

14. The address of your site. The frontend of your site.

15. The administration panel address of your site. Usually, you can log in at
Changing this address will be good for security.
16. Your username
17. Your Password
18. Press the Login button.

That is all.
Stay healthy until our next lesson.

Written by mustafasadoglu

Hello. I'm Mustafa ŇěADOńěLU. I got my first programming training in 1990. (Apple II E, Basic language). Then I graduated from Kocaeli University, Computer Technical Teacher.
My area of expertise: Web design and Programming.
I am experienced in Php, MySQL, Html, Css, Jquery, Wordpress, Hosting management.