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Whether you like it or not, the user interface has always been compared with user experience and design, and the difference between them has been wondered. If we have to tell in a simple way, we can give the example of a chair. If we consider a chair, the UI designer designs the exterior appearance of this chair for the designer. The UX designer also thinks the person sitting on this chair and designs it to be more comfortable. With soft cushions, fabric selection, armrests make it more comfortable or predict to make it more comfortable.

 The tools that UI and UX designers use are related, although their approach to problems is different. UX designers do in-depth research on the product they are working on. They follow other companies, analyze their technology, then they design the interface of the product, which is the first interaction with the user. UX designers do not only look at the design aesthetically. They also think about how efficient, simple, understandable, and easy to use the product design is. Finally, they test the product and try to understand how users who use this product for the first time feel. In fact, User experience designing is a bigger branch that covers the user interface design.

Today, almost every product with electronic components has a user interface today and someone designed them for us. For example software, computer and similar electronic materials, cars, toys. Just as “in which direction a door is opened” is important in architectural designs, each element designed in the user interface designs should be well-thought-out. If these are such different things, you can ask why they are given together in job postings. As you may have noticed, these two terms are actually very similar. If you are not working in a large company like Intel, Google, or Apple, one person is expected to do these two jobs in medium and small companies.

 To summarize in a simple way, the UX design concept focuses on the functional features, speed, technological competence, content, and customer experience of a design. The UI design concept covers the exterior appearance of a design, namely interface features. Everything about aesthetic details and appearance is related to the UI.

Written by Metin Gerçek


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  1. I should be UX Mr. Metin Teacher, usefulness and comfort is more important than it’s appearance. Good essay, congrats.

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