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IT Talks 17 – Cyber Security Training

As wecode platform, we talked about Cyber Security in 17. IT Talks program. We hosted 2 important guests in the IT Talks program held on February 17, 2022. Our speakers Mehmet Ali Yağız Director, CNL-EU and Hasan Eksi, Cofounder of CyberNow Labs & Let’s Defend talked about Cyber Security and career opportunities in this field.

In the program, people who work in different fields and then try to enter the IT sector were informed about the road map they should follow and career opportunities in this field.

We also talked about the training given by CyberNow in the field of Cyber Security, what the certification exams are in this field and how to prepare for these exams.

Our speakers, who also answered the questions of the participants, informed the IT professionals who work in different areas of the IT industry and who are now considering switching to the field of Cyber Security, about what needs to be done.

We would like to thank our distinguished speakers and participants for this beautiful program. You can watch the recording of the program and the recording of our other programs on our youtube channel.

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Written by Kadir Yapar

I am a software developer with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and over five years of experience in the field. My expertise spans Android, iOS, and web development, and I have a track record of developing and publishing applications for these platforms. I am dedicated to creating high-quality, user-centric software solutions and continually stay updated with the latest industry trends. My ability to collaborate effectively in cross-functional teams and adapt to emerging technologies makes me a valuable asset in the software development landscape.


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