IT Talks 9 – Automation Testing

As wecode platform, we organized IT Talks 9 program on Thursday evening, December 23rd. We discussed the issue of automation testing in the program. Mr. Ahmet, who is an expert in the field of Automation testing, gave detailed information on this subject and answered the questions of friends who want to work and specialize in this field. 

In the online program, the participants learned how software testing is done and how the testing process works. Participants considering a career in this field were informed about the path to follow and what training they should take.

We would like to thank our valuable participants and speaker Mr. Ahmet for this program.

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Written by Kadir Yapar

I am an Android Developer. I graduated from Sakarya University Physics Department in 2006. I completed my master degree in computer engineering between 2009 and 2011. I started my PhD education in the field of COMPUTER ENGINEERING IN SELÇUK UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE IN 2018. Between the years of 2015-2016, I worked as a research assistant at the Department of Computer Engineering at Bursa Orhangazi University. I have been working in mobile application development for the last 3 years. I published mobile application development courses on the Udemy platform. Also I published many android applications on Google Play.


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