Welcome to the WeCode Platform, a dedicated initiative within the Finland-based FinPolar Association. Our platform is founded and operated by Turkish immigrants who possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of Information Technologies (IT). WeCode’s primary mission is to provide valuable resources and information to fellow immigrants, offering guidance and insights into the dynamic world of IT.

On our website, you can discover a plethora of events and insightful articles contributed by our esteemed authors. Our diverse range of expertise spans across various IT disciplines, including Software Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Data Engineering, Data Science/Machine Learning, Educational Technology, and Cybersecurity.

One of our core offerings is a series of engaging and informative seminars known as IT Talks. These talks cover a wide range of IT-related topics and are conducted online, providing accessibility to all interested individuals. Best of all, our IT Talks and other training programs are entirely free of charge, as we believe in the importance of equitable access to knowledge and skills development.

Furthermore, the WeCode Platform boasts guidance and mentoring projects aimed at facilitating vocational orientation within the IT sector. We understand the value of mentorship and strive to provide a supportive environment for individuals seeking to explore career opportunities in the field.


  • IT Talks 17: In February 2022, the WeCode Platform hosted its 17th IT Talks program, featuring guest speakers Mehmet Ali Yağız, Director at CNL-EU, and Hasan Eksi, Cofounder of CyberNow Labs & Let’s Defend. The session focused on Cyber Security and provided valuable insights on career opportunities, training programs, certification exams, and transitioning into the field. Participants gained knowledge about the roadmap for entering the IT sector and received guidance from industry experts. The program’s interactive Q&A segment facilitated further discussion, and the event recording, along with others, can be accessed on the WeCode Platform’s YouTube channel.
  • IT Talks 18: In May 2022, the WeCode Platform successfully hosted its 18th IT Talks program. The program featured guest speaker Saku Tihveräinen, an IT Recruiter, who provided participants with valuable insights on overcoming challenges in IT recruitment. The speaker addressed various topics of interest to the participants, including IT recruitment for immigrants in Finland, advice for junior IT professionals, important points in CV writing, interview strategies, networking, bootcamps and ICT education in Finland, the age factor in IT, popular areas in the industry, and how to explain gaps in CVs. Recordings of the program were made available on the platform’s YouTube channel for further viewing.
  • IT Talks 19: In November 2022, the WeCode Platform conducted its 19th IT Talks program, which took place online on Friday, November 4 at 19:00. The program featured four individuals who shared their experiences of finding their first jobs in the IT field and beginning their professional journeys. Two speakers discussed their employment in the realm of Cyber Security, while another friend shared insights about securing a job in automation testing, and the remaining speaker focused on Dev-Ops. The program revolved around the speakers’ accounts, covering everything from the job application process to the interview stage. Their valuable experiences and advice were shared with participants who were actively seeking IT employment, offering motivation and guidance for similar processes. The WeCode Platform extends its gratitude to both the speakers and participants for their contributions to this remarkable program.
  • Game Development Course: In 2022, the WeCode Platform initiated a game development course specifically designed for young individuals. This course focused on teaching game programming and general programming concepts, utilizing the C# programming language and the Unity development platform. The WeCode Platform’s objective was to facilitate the entry of young people into the IT sector by introducing coding at an early age. By leveraging the appeal of the game industry, the platform aimed to empower the younger generation to not only consume technology but also create it.
  • Digital Literacy Course: In 2022, the WeCode Platform, in collaboration with Kansalais Foorumi, successfully launched a digital literacy course aimed at providing basic information technology knowledge to adult learners. Specifically targeting immigrant adults, the course sought to accelerate their integration processes into Finnish society and enhance their job search capabilities through the acquisition of relevant skills. This free, two-day training program, voluntarily conducted by expert trainers from the WeCode Platform, covered essential topics such as operating systems and file management, online communication platforms, cloud systems, and information security. Upon completion of the course, participants were awarded certificates, recognizing their achievements. The WeCode Platform firmly believed that education in information technologies would greatly benefit individuals in all aspects of life, particularly immigrants, facilitating their adaptation and improving their quality of life. The training took place physically at the Kansalais Foorumi training center on October 1-2, 2022, with English as the language of instruction.


  • Informative IT Talks Program: The WeCode Platform successfully organized a series of IT Talks programs, covering various topics such as Cyber Security and career opportunities in the IT field. These sessions provided valuable insights, guidance, and networking opportunities for participants.
  • Game Development Course: The launch of a game development course catered to young people showcased the platform’s commitment to empowering the younger generation. By teaching game programming and general programming concepts using C# and Unity, the WeCode Platform contributed to nurturing skills and interest in technology among young individuals.
  • Digital Literacy Course for Adults: The WeCode Platform collaborated with Kansalais Foorumi to offer a digital literacy course for adult immigrants. This initiative aimed to accelerate the integration process of immigrants in Finland by providing them with basic information technology knowledge, enhancing their job prospects and easing their transition into society.
  • Sharing Success Stories: The WeCode Platform hosted the IT Talks program where individuals who successfully found their first jobs in the IT sector shared their experiences. The speakers offered valuable insights into the job application and interview processes, motivating and guiding participants who were seeking employment in the IT industry.


  • Outreach and Awareness: One of the challenges the WeCode Platform facing is reaching and engaging a wider audience, particularly among the immigrant community. Efforts is required to raise awareness about the platform’s activities and the benefits it offers.
  • Resources and Sustainability: As a voluntary platform, ensuring the availability of resources, such as expert trainers and funding, to sustain and expand its initiatives is a challenge. The platform needs to explore partnerships, sponsorships, or grants to support its future endeavors.

Future plans:

  • IT talks and seminars: The WeCode Platform aims to continue organizing IT Talks and seminars. These events have proven to be valuable platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development within the IT community. By consistently hosting these talks and seminars, the platform can stay updated on the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. This ongoing commitment to organizing informative sessions will ensure that participants and attendees have access to valuable insights, industry expertise, and opportunities for growth. Continuity in hosting IT Talks and seminars will contribute to the platform’s mission of fostering a vibrant and informed IT community while providing a platform for continuous learning and professional development.
  • Diversifying Course Offerings: The WeCode Platform will consider expanding its course offerings to include more specialized IT topics, addressing the evolving needs and interests of its target audience. This could include courses on emerging technologies, software development methodologies, or specific programming languages.
  • Strengthening Partnerships: Collaborating with more organizations, both within the IT industry and immigrant support networks, can help the WeCode Platform enhance its reach and impact. Building strategic partnerships can lead to the development of more comprehensive programs and access to additional resources.


The WeCode Platform has made significant strides in empowering immigrants and facilitating their integration into the IT sector. Through its IT Talks programs, game development course, and digital literacy initiatives, the platform has provided valuable knowledge, guidance, and support to individuals seeking opportunities in the IT field. By continuing to adapt to emerging needs, expanding its course offerings, and strengthening partnerships, the WeCode Platform is well-positioned to further its mission of enabling immigrants to thrive in the IT sector. With dedication and ongoing support, the platform will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and contribute to the broader IT community.

To stay up-to-date with the latest activities, events, and programs offered by the WeCode Platform, we invite you to join our telegram group. By becoming a member, you will receive regular updates and be well-informed about the opportunities to engage and participate.

Thank you for your interest in WeCode. We are dedicated to empowering individuals through information, knowledge sharing, and fostering a strong IT community. Join us on this exciting journey!


Written by Kadir Yapar

I am a software developer with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and over five years of experience in the field. My expertise spans Android, iOS, and web development, and I have a track record of developing and publishing applications for these platforms. I am dedicated to creating high-quality, user-centric software solutions and continually stay updated with the latest industry trends. My ability to collaborate effectively in cross-functional teams and adapt to emerging technologies makes me a valuable asset in the software development landscape.


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