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WeCode’s Inspiring Retreat in Padasjoki

From March 1st to 3rd, members of the WeCode group gathered for a two-day retreat in the serene setting of Padasjoki. The retreat was not only a chance to bond and relax – with saunas and delicious meals being an integral part of our days – but also a fertile ground for brainstorming and strategic planning.

In the cozy and invigorating atmosphere, we revisited the to-do list for WeCode, ensuring our future actions align with our vision. A pivotal part of our discussions centered on expanding collaboration with various volunteer platforms, a step we believe is crucial for our growth and outreach.

The planning of ‘WeCode IT Talks’ marked a significant stride towards enhancing our educational outreach. These talks are envisioned to be a series of insightful discussions led by experts in the IT field, aiming to inspire and educate our community.

Another major topic was the revamp of our website. Recognizing the importance of a digital presence, we are committed to updating our website to reflect the dynamism and innovation at the heart of WeCode.

Perhaps the most exciting development discussed was the STEA Project. A comprehensive presentation laid out a detailed action plan, complete with timelines and resources. This project promises to be a cornerstone in our efforts to make a tangible impact in the IT education space.

Furthering our commitment to education, we resolved to provide discount coupons for our IT courses, making them more accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, we are ramping up efforts to serve as a valuable reference for those seeking employment in the IT sector.

In conclusion, the retreat in Padasjoki was not only a testament to our unity and shared passion but also a significant step forward in our journey. With refreshed spirits and a clear roadmap, WeCode is poised to make a meaningful difference in the world of IT and beyond.

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