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    Fragments in Android Applications

    Hello everyone. If you read my other articles in the wecodeplatform, you know that generally my articles are about android application development. I am trying to give general information about various topics on android application development in most of my […] More

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    Broadcast Receivers on Android Applications

    Hello everyone. We will speak about broadcast receiver in the Android Devices in this article. Broadcast receiver is a messaging system used on Android Devices. But this messaging system is used between the Android Operating System and Android Applications. Android […] More

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    Android Services

    Hello, everyone. We’ll talk about android services in this article. Services are one of the basic features in android. When you develop an android application, services play an important role. Thus, you should learn the services as well as you […] More

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    Support Different Screen Sizes in Android

    Hello everyone. We will talk about how to support different screen sizes while we are developing android applications in this article. Android devices come with different screen sizes. If you want to develop a good android application, you need to […] More

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    Shared Preferences Class in Android

    Hello everyone. We will talk about the shared preferences class in this article. Android provides many ways of storing data of an application. Shared Preferences Class is one of them. In the Shared Preferences Class, you can save the primitive […] More

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    General Information About Android Studio

    Hello everyone. We will get to know the Android Studio in this article. I opened our first project in Android Studio. On the Android Studio, you will see a design page. This page looks like a phone screen. ¬†Whatever we […] More

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    Android Ecosystem

    Hello everyone, This article will be about the Android ecosystem. Android is an operating system designed for use on mobile devices. the android operating system was originally created for use in digital cameras. The android operating system is developed primarily […] More