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    IT Talks 21 – Effective Use of ChatGPT and AI

    In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, AI and natural language processing have become integral tools in the hands of innovators and problem solvers. To shed light on the “Effective Use of ChatGPT and AI,” Wecode Platform proudly hosted the insightful […] More

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    3D Modeling and Animation Course

    As Wecode Platform, we are happy to start a new training series. In this training series, we will provide 3D modeling and animation training. We will use AutoDesk’s 3D Studio Max program in education.  Our course is free and suitable […] More

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    Coding and it career road maps

    Many newcomers are considering a career in the IT field, or a career change, but are unsure about where to start. We are here to help, and to demystify the different career options within the sector. We are organizing a […] More

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    Digital Literacy Course

    We are launching a digital literacy course for adults with Kansalais Foorumi as Wecode Platform. In this course, we aim to teach basic information technology topics to adult people.  The target audience of the course consists of immigrant adults. Our […] More