Angular Structure

Angular is a platform for building single-page applications (SPA) coded in TypeScript, using HTML and TypeScript. When researching Angular, the most common words are Component, Template, and Injector. Components are structures that consist of javascript classes and control HTML files. In this structure, data is transferred to the application with the data received from the services (injector). In component structures, variables in HTML files (template) are assigned to elements and the codes in HTML files are executed. HTML files can be positioned as a single page or as an element to be displayed within a different page. This is done through metadata. After this process is completed, the application bootloader root module collects these actions under a roof and displays them in the browser. Components are in the form of a tree structure. There is one main component and the other components come under it as child components.

Modules are structures that contain objects. It helps to organize the application in a coordinated way. Angular applications generally contain at least one NgModule class named AppModule (root). More than one module can be created in the application, but to work with more than one module, there must still be a starter module. It works as the application startup module calls other modules. Generally, medium-sized applications work with a single module.

Installing Angular on Windows

Before installing Angular, check that the Long Time Support (LTS) versions of NodeJS and npm are installed on your system. You can learn the current versions installed on the system by typing “node -v” and “npm -v” on the command line. When this article was published, npm’s current version is 8.1.0, nodeJS’s current version is 16.13.0

Installing AngularCLI globally on your computer:

npm i -g @angular/cli

Angular version installed on the system can be checked with this command:

ng — version

Let’s examine the project setup and details in the next articles.



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