Coding School and My Business College Impressions

In this article, I would like to share my impressions about the Information Technologies Department of Helsinki Business College, where I am an active student. It has been almost 5 years since I moved to Finland. During this time, I have continued to actively learn languages and look for a job. This time last year, I applied to Helsinki Business College for coding training because of the advertisement I encountered on the school’s website. After the interview, I was accepted for 17 months of education and started school by August 2021.

The name of the department is Coding Education, Information and Communication Technologies Vocational Degree. In summary, we can call it Full Stack Web Programming. There is an intensified course content that is going on from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. for 5 days a week. In the first weeks of school, we covered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript topics with which I was a little familiar. So they were like warm-ups. At the same time, I started to learn the fundamentals of Java and Spring Boot through the MOOC system of Helsinki University. This part was more challenging for me. Because it was based on “self-learning” rather than the education system I was used to. The fact that the language of instruction was Finnish made it even more challenging since I first had to translate the parts I didn’t understand into my first language and only after that I could apply my knowledge.

Towards the middle of the term, we started the software development project. We formed groups in the class. Our project was to design the user interface of the website where people could make table reservations for a restaurant. We had the opportunity to use AdobeXD and Balsamiq Wireframes programs in the project, where functionality was at the forefront rather than design. We worked on logo design, use of Github, preparing prototypes and in the end, as a group, we had a good result.

Currently, in the second semester, we mainly focus on Angular Programming, Angular projects, and Spring Boot web project. Additionally, we learn how to use DevOps, CI/CD. I talked more about technical content, but this part was very important to me. Because I am now 42 years old, it was risky for me to change the field and I took this risk and decided to change the field and enrolled in this school. Did I make the right decision? Time will tell, but my current feelings are definitely a big yes!

I would also like to talk about the social environment here at the school. Considering the pandemic situation and distance education, it is really unfortunate that I cannot spend more time in school. Everything is designed for students. Social activities, future planning, etc. In addition to the intensive and holistic education content, many activities are organized for the socialization of students. There are Finnish language courses, even though I couldn’t attend because the time of the course was not suitable for me. These Finnish language courses are an additional advantage for immigrants. In addition to these, teachers deserve all the praise. They do their best selflessly. As I am a former mathematics teacher myself, I have the utmost respect for their profession. They patiently answered each of our questions one by one. Currently, they are trying to help us with internships. As I said, I am really grateful…

Why did I write this article? Well, I wanted to both express my feelings about Business College Helsinki and inform those who are interested in the new term Web Programming training, which will start the registration process on March 24. The new term Web Programming training for adults will start in August 2022 and registrations will be this month. The contents of the program are JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, React, and Redux libraries, as well as Symfony and Drupal. I really recommend this intensive web training, which will last 17 months and will be held in English. Those who are interested can check the details on the Business College website.


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Written by Metin Gerçek


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